Here is an example of my graphics work. This project started out with very humble origins, just a name and a theme. I was fortunate enough to lay some groundwork for the overall brand.

Yarker Consulting needed a logo for business cards, possibly a monogram. They didn't have any pre-existing material to work with, so we had to come up with a good look from square one. Even in the very early draft stage though, everything started falling into place quickly.

I made several very different roughs, but most of them were quicky discarded. The ones with crisp lines felt like they were accomplishing the goal, and the remaining curvy drafts started gravitating toward imagery that corresponded to the company's meteorology focus.

Most of the variations ended up as minor changes to the way curves intersected or didn't intersect, but perhaps the most challenging part of the logo was not the image but getting the typeface just right.

Although the monogram had a freehand look, the text needed to have an air of respectability while still fitting in with the rest of the piece. The slight italics look is what made everything mesh, invoking a rainy feel underneath the clouds.

My client came back a few years later. While the logo was well received, they were looking to expand their web presence, and some of the design decisions that worked for a business card didn't work for a website.

It took a lot of back and forth with the web designer to arrive at a good typeface, and we got a lot of audience feedback on which shade of blue would represent the company best. But with some effort, we ended with something that everyone was happy with.